Attendance Policy

Attendance and Punctuality

Wagner’s goal is to have students miss no more than 8 days of school each year!
The policy of the School District requires that school-aged students enrolled in the schools of this District to attend school regularly, on time, and for the whole school day in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

The educational program offered by this District is based upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation.

A note signed by a parent/caregiver must be brought to school after each absence, indicating the dates and reasons for the absence.  Absences will be coded “unexcused” if a note is not provided by the parent or caregiver.

When a pupil is absent for three days due to illness, a written doctor’s note documenting the medical necessity for the absence must be brought to school unless the principal has verified the legitimacy of the absence through other means.  When possible, a parent is to notify the school if a pupil is to be absent for several days.

Every effort should be made to make-up work missed as a result of illness or other unexcused absence. Work missed because of absence can lower academic marks.

Students are responsible for making up work missed as a result of suspension or other disciplinary action.

Unexcused lateness which causes a student to miss all or a substantial part of the day’s instructional time may be coded as an unexcused absence.